User Research

Discovering what matters

User Research

User Research | San Francisco | 2005

Our product manager planned to add a video camera to a phone targeted to active youths. But our research revealed youths made trade offs based on their limited income. Active youths also worry about draining their battery, and filling memory storage. We did more research to uncover what they valued most and redesigned the phone features.

Day In Life

Users Context

During user research analysis we attach these templates to the wall so we can compare what is similar and different between interviews. Our stakeholders typically remark how each template is rendered uniquely by its author.

Early Concept Feedback

First Time Use | Manhattan | 2008

In a NY study, people performed tasks with our mobile phone simulation. We then presented their video'd feedback to our internal stakeholders. It was clear from the video where our concept failed them. We did a redesign and validated it until we proved it worked well. Only then did our software developers start coding.