Social Impact


Becoming Ada Workshop

Creative Coding

NYTimes technology reporter, Nitasha Tiku, says the problem is not only getting girls to computer class, but keeping them there. This workshop started with an introduction to Ada Lovelace. Each participant used MIT's Scratch coding tool to design and animate their Ada. The workshop was noisy and collaborative. Each girl uploaded her creation to the Scratch site.


Mobile Storytelling

This was a collaborative Thoughtworks and Toronto Community Foundation project to foster community by having creatives come together to co-design a mobile app to share stories about places. It was a two day workshop in which we interviewed residents about the stories they wanted to share. We then prototyped and validated the mobile app design. With residents we co-created and filmed short movies as content for the app.



As an architect and designer we are confronted by clients who want unique meaningful objects and places, but don't have the resources for architectural solutions. What if we can give them unique functional light art for their homes? What if we can use technology to imagine the potential of light in the spirit of Moholy Nagy? We are exploring concepts with 3D printing. We will kickstart Valolights 2017.