!DOCTYPE html> Susan Huotari - UX Principal Designer

Service Design

As mobile device market and technology matured there is less differientation between device offerings. Product owners typically use a feature list to specify the mobile device design, hence design is reduced to the look and feel defined in specifications and style guides. Business owners want to appeal to the broadest audience possible for increased revenue so they hesitate to niche products to specific users. In order to be more competitive we needed a new way to design products that users want to us. Design thinking provided a way to design services as user experiences.

Design Thinking

Holistic Problem Solving

We need to design services over the whole customer life cycle. We need to support their discovery, purchasing, usage, support, and renewal in a consistent recognizably Nokia customer experience. Design Thinking provided a way to work holistically across organizational silos to create services.

Business Model

Stakeholder Buy-in

The world of business is volatile and unpredictable. In order to survive organizations need to generate, embrace and execute on ideas and means leading for creativity. Design Thinking and Service Design gets business leadership buy-in as it explains design using business terms, most notably the business model. By having a cross-silo team co-create a one page business model, we agree how to go through ideation, implementation to delivery. As a designer, I bring user understanding to the problem definition. I help concept and user validate MVP experiments. I faciliate the design sprint and co-write the Agile software user stories.

Customer Journey

User Narratives

A user doesn't think in terms of how a business wants them to. The best way to understand how users really think is to observe them and ask questions. To understand their world and their problems. My favorite interview techinque is asking them to draw a day in their life, as well as how they could imagine interacting with your concept/product. Their sketch helps us define their customer journey.


Front and Back End

What Blue Print is. Designers create the front stage from the user's perspective. Then the team creates the back stage of how to organizationally implement to deliver it.