!DOCTYPE html> Susan Huotari - UX Principal Designer

Apps and Services


Managing User Expectations

As designers we first used SMS to send messages to each other to kill time. It wasn't until the Wireless Application Application (WAP) became available that we could access and create online services. I gave phones and unlimited WAP connection contracts to a few beta users. We measured their usage. Typically they gave up after one or two attempts. One said if he goes to the trouble of using WAP he expects unique content. Similarly Donald Norman found that there was a lack of clear diffierentiation between WAP services. One of his users noted that the Financial Times and The Guardian content couldn't be more different, but when using WAP you couldn't tell them apart. Mobile content needed to be tailored to mobile usage.

Designing for Early Adopters

Content Mobile Platform

I pitched a concept to create more tailored content by focusing on early adopters and allowing them to collaborate in the creation of the service. I was given 80k seed money to launch a platform in 6 months. I product managed a small team of externals to build a extremely lightweight XHTML service quickly. We overcame technical constraints, copyright limitations to launch this service on time. It was broadcast on MTV3. Our graphical designer became the Finnish designer of the year.

Sports Tracker

Nokia Innovation Award

Sports Tracker started as a collaboration between myself and a few engineers. Previously I had worked with the same engineers on an reminder-based GPS application, which had failed to be contextually relevant.I mocked up the user pesonas, use case scenarios and early Sports Tracker concept. Initially the concept was named Personal Best. As a team we received the Nokia Innovation Award. Sports Tracker went on to be a very successful Nokia product.